Our Mission

Hope Roots creates access to support and therapy for those affected by trauma and mental illness. We address the staggering shortage of professional help as well as the stigma of accessing help faced by many in South Asia. We use yoga and other creative therapies to empower sympathetic non-professionals to support trauma survivors. We invest in safe spaces for trauma survivors and the mentally ill and provide care and training for caregivers.

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India’s 1.3 billion people have access to only 3,500 mental health professionals. Creating access to care and support means investing in more projects, training, and infrastructure to serve trauma survivors and those living with mental illness. Hope Roots partners with programs in India and the United States to give hope to at-risk communities in culturally sensitive ways.

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Before caregivers can Give Hope to trauma survivors, it’s important for them to first Deepen their Roots. The long journey of providing support to others can leave those attending to mental health needs with their own wounds. Compassion fatigue, burnout, or vicarious trauma are experienced by mental health professionals and non-professionals alike. Creating access to care for trauma survivors means supporting their caregivers as well.

That’s why Hope Roots is committed to providing quality training opportunities. These allow anyone to access tools and resources for tending to their own needs in order to deepen their ability to give hope to others. Workshops can be conducted on-site in your company or organization’s location while on-line classes allow you to access our tools from anywhere in the world.

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Retreats for groups, organizations, & individuals…


Trauma-informed Yoga & Meditation Retreat 

The benefits of yoga and meditation for trauma survivors is well documented, but typical retreats are not designed to be trauma-informed.  All of the Hope Roots retreats, including the options listed below, are conducted by trauma-informed yoga instructors. We seek to create a safe place for practitioners to grow and learn.

Yoga for Caregivers Retreat 

Understand compassion fatigue and secondary trauma, practise yoga, journaling, and other practises to help you grieve the stories you carry without becoming overwhelmed.

Custom Retreat

Any team, board room, or office would benefit from connecting more deeply with themselves and each other through one of our customized retreat offerings. Tell us what your group needs and we’ll work with you to create a day-long or multiple-day retreat to lower stress, increase self-awareness, and add to the diversity of your team’s knowledge.


Henna for Hope

The Henna for Hope Campaign inspires hope that the terrible imprint of trauma can also fade away, leaving survivors ready for ways of responding to stress and grief. Funds raised through Henna for Hope are used to create access to safe spaces, training, and curriculum for trauma survivors and those caring for them. It inspires hope that peace and calm can be embodied once again.


Help us continue to serve trauma survivors around the world.

We are looking for monthly and one-time gifts to sustain our work. Will you consider being part of how we give hope?