Before caregivers can Give Hope to trauma survivors, it’s important for them to first Deepen their Roots. The long journey of providing support to others can leave those attending to mental health needs with their own wounds. Compassion fatigue, burnout, or vicarious trauma are experienced by mental health professionals and non-professionals alike. Creating access to care for trauma survivors means supporting their caregivers as well. 

That’s why Hope Roots is committed to providing quality training opportunities. These allow anyone to access tools and resources for tending to their own needs in order to deepen their ability to give hope to others. Workshops can be conducted on-site in your company or organization’s location while on-line classes allow you to access our tools from anywhere in the world.



Online format; currently in development

Anger is our mind and body’s reaction to something wrong and is a common response to injustice we suffer or see around us. Left unattended, it can lead to violence and a continuation of injustice. This self-directed online course teaches the yogic ideals of non-violence and the philosophical underpinnings of its response to injustice.


Holistic Tools For Trauma

In person format for groups; 3-5 Days

Trauma affects the body in deep, lasting ways that yoga and other physical tools are uniquely able to address. Holistic Tools for Trauma teaches social workers, mental health professionals, and yoga instructors how yoga and other practices tapping into the mind-body connection can help address the physical responses to trauma. Customizable components include yoga for children and theater activities for trauma. This in-person workshop is intended for professional or non-professional staff members working in organizations which serve human trafficking or trauma survivors and is available in Hindi or English.


Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hours over 1 month at the ashram in Rishikesh, India

Taught by skilled yoga trainers with decades of international experience, this yoga teacher training is for anyone ready to become a teacher of traditional Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. In-depth, hands-on training in modern postural practice as well as the philosophical underpinnings of classic yoga and breath work is paired with skills in teaching methodology and business skills.

Yoga for Trauma and Emotional Healing

In-person format for groups; 7 Days

This immersive training focuses on understanding the connection between trauma and the body’s response, learning the foundations of trauma-sensitive yoga, and how yoga promotes emotional well-being. The workshop pairs theoretical and philosophical foundations with practical experiences in daily yoga and meditation. This retreat-style training gives attendees experiential understanding of how to guide others in trauma-sensitive yoga practices.

Custom Workshops

Designed just for your group

Let us customize a workshop specifically for your organization, company, or group.


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