Project or Scholarship Application Form

If you have a project that you believe Hope Roots should consider as a Hope Project - to be featured on this website for fundraising, for a scholarship, for yoga workshops/training, or to request volunteers - please fill in the information below.  This is only an initial request - all Hope Projects are carefully reviewed using interviews.  Hope Roots staff visit project locations prior to approval. 

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Scholarship Request
If your project has not yet begun, check the boxes below to request a scholarship. Then, complete the rest of the form providing details about the vision for your project or business.
Please describe your project including: location, goals, and vision. Explain why you believe this project fits within the vision and values of Hope Roots (ie. holistic community development, mental health, etc.)
Please describe the community that your projects benefits - ie. how many people will be affected, who they are (men, women, or children), what are their needs.
Describe how your project impacts the community you described in a holistic way or how you will use the training or scholarship (ie. how does it benefit the community?)
Describe any staff or other individuals involved in this project (including yourself). Describe any relevant education, experience, or skills that they have. Describe any needed training or further skills desired.
If your project could benefit from volunteers - please describe the role a volunteer would have in your project. Include any relevant details such as how long they would be needed, what skills would be helpful, etc.
I understand that the information provided above will be reviewed by Hope Roots staff and board members. I understand the above project will not receive any funds or other help from Hope Roots unless approved as a Hope Project. I understand that my project will not be approved without on-site interviews. *

Thank you for helping us give hope!