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Some Hope Projects are tagged #GiveFreedom because they involve giving freedom for those rescued from or at-risk for trafficking.  Hope Roots partners with other organizations to help fight human trafficking through business start-ups, trauma therapy training, scholarships, and seed funding.  To Donate or be involved - click here learn more about Hope Projects.    

Freedom Report 2015 - A Life Changing Encounter

Freeset Photos by Calvina Photography

Freeset Photos by Calvina Photography

Below is a letter from Shanti... an entrepreneur who received a scholarship from Hope Roots to attend a Freedom Business Incubator. 

A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to attend a three week Program,  Freedom Encounter run by a company called Freeset in India. I am thankful and grateful to Hope Roots for sponsoring me and enabling me to be a part of this encounter. Freeset is a freedom business whose sole purpose and goal is to bring freedom to thousands of women forced and trafficked into the sex trade in India. They are located in India's state of West Bengal because most of the girls trafficked to other areas in India and abroad are from West Bengal and neighboring countries, Bangladesh and Nepal. Thus India is a major source, destination and transit location for many girls trafficked into this modern day slavery.

Attending this program was life changing because I had no idea how human trafficking was stealing the lives of many women.

Freeset as a business has successfully been able to give many of these women a choice of freedom from this injustice by offering them an alternative and sustainable source of employment. Freeset's heart is to replicate as many similar freedom businesses as possible to ensure more ladies are given freedom and a choice. It was an honor walking in their factory,  interacting with many women who are now free and to also still see the great need for more freedom businesses as we walked the streets and visited different areas of the City.

This encounter also equipped me with practical skills on how to develop business products that are viable and sustainable as well as look at ways of how to transform communities holistically through business.

All this would not have been possible without Hope Roots standing behind me and encouraging me to be a part of this course.

Thank you Hope Roots,

Freeset Photos by Calvina Photography

Freeset Photos by Calvina Photography