Our retreats help attendees apply ancient yogic wisdom and practice. Whether you’re looking for an introduction to yoga’s ancient Indian roots, help in creating a meditative practice, or a fusion of Eastern and Western spirituality - let us help guide you, your team, or your entire corporation in deepening your roots.

Trauma-informed Yoga & Meditation Retreat 

The benefits of yoga and meditation for trauma survivors is well documented, but typical retreats are not designed to be trauma-informed.  All of the Hope Roots retreats, including the options listed below, are conducted by trauma-informed yoga instructors. We seek to create a safe place for practitioners to grow and learn.

Yoga for Caregivers Retreat 

Understand compassion fatigue and secondary trauma, practise yoga, journaling, and other practises to help you grieve the stories you carry without becoming overwhelmed.

Yoga for Grief Retreat 

A retreat for individuals or groups who are walking through grief.  Opportunities to share with others and learn how grief is processed in the mind and the body.

Introduction to Indian Spirituality 

Indian philosophy and spirituality is rooted in some of the world’s oldest traditions. Studying these ancient systems will give you a foundation of understanding from which to appreciate practises like yoga & meditation.  This retreat is especially recommended for teachers, aspirants and practitioners of yoga. 

Yoga Immersion

10 Day retreat in Rishikesh, India

For those who’ve begun a practice of yoga and want to further deepen it, this retreat offers a journey into the heart of this mind-body discipline. You’ll study the philosophical roots of yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and modern postural understanding as well as immerse yourself in a yogic lifestyle at an ashram in India. 

Yoga and Contemplation 

This blended retreat offers a mixture of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions ranging from yoga, contemplative and centering prayer, lectio-divina, and a range of other spiritual practices from Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian traditions. Learn how Eastern and Western practices intersect and diverge and how you can use them to deepen your roots. 

Custom Retreat Options

Any team, board room, or office would benefit from connecting more deeply with themselves and each other through one of our customized retreat offerings. Tell us what your group needs and we’ll work with you to create a day-long or multiple-day retreat to lower stress, increase self-awareness, and add to the diversity of your team’s knowledge.  


For reservations or information:

Most of our retreats are booked for groups. Click “Inquire” below to fill out a form letting us know how we can serve your organization, company, or group. We will work with you to customize the retreat for your needs.

If you are looking to register as an individual, please let us know so that we can contact you when opportunities become available. When retreats are scheduled for open booking, you will find that information on this page as well. If you inform us of your interest, we may be able to schedule the retreat you are interested in with your availability in mind.